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State Bank of India, Seoul offers fixed deposits in US dollar & Korean Won (KRW) from one month to up to 5 years. Customers can choose the period suitable thereunder. Competitive interest rates are quoted by the Bank. SBI deposits are a safe and reliable option to place funds with India’s largest bank.

For risk factors, customers may please see the Rules governing Time Deposits and provisions of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law listed below for clarification.


A Special offer for waiver of remittance charges can be availed by the customers who have kept Time Deposits with us, as per details given below:

Amount of Deposit Concession permissible For a Time Deposit of KRW 100 million [USD 100,000] (or equivalent) and above Waiver of commission and P & T/Swift Charges

Medium/ Long Term Loans can be arranged by us in co-ordination with our International Merchant Banking Group at Corporate Centre, Mumbai.

We can discount bills drawn on Indian companies, companies around the world on the strength of letters of credit issued by our bank’s branch in India and other countries and first class banks in India and other countries on a competitive basis.

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