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Term Loans

Term Loan

Medium/ Long Term Loans can be arranged by us in co-ordination with our International Merchant Banking Group at Corporate Centre, Mumbai.

The Term Loans can be considered for:

Funding Foreign Currency requirements of new projects/ expansion.

Individual machinery imports of high value.

Working Capital requirements.

The Loans can be structured by us depending on the requirement and can be offered as:

A bilateral Term Loan for periods ranging from 3 years.In case of large project loans, the loan can be syndicated by the SBI.

The basic terms on which the loans can be extended are:

Tenure: Normally for 3 – 7 years. Longer periods can be considered for project loans. Repayments can be in installments or as a bullet payment at the end.

Interest Rates: Will depend on the tenure of the loan and the Credit Risk Rating accorded to the company. Loans can be extended on fixed rate or floating rate terms.

Other Terms:

All other terms are negotiable and will be based on the specific requirements of the loan.

Loan Syndication

Large loan requirements for Indian Corporates can be syndicated by us. Such syndications will be Coordinated by our International Merchant Banking Group at Corporate Centre.

For syndications of Korean Corporate loans, we team with our international banking partners in South Korea to cater to their short and medium term requirements.